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Membership is open to anyone interested. The Society solicits tax deductible donations of any historical merit including documents, pictures, antiques and memorabilia pertaining to Buena Park. 

Why should I be a member?
Because you understand there must
be an organized approach to collect,
conserve and convey local history.
And without such an organization,
pertinent information, artifacts and
documentation may be lost forever.

Does my membership matter?
Collective concern for our objective
of local historical preservation is a
potent force to induce government,
corporate, and private involvement.
Without members, our organization
ceases and conservation efforts die.

What do I get as a member?
As with most things in life, you get

out what you put in. Members who
take the role of passive support get
satisfaction from enabling our work
to continue. Members who take an
active role find history comes alive.
How can history come alive?
Local history is an ongoing process
defined not by dates but by people's
lives and accomplishments. You are
living local history now. However,
academic historians abandon local
history to amateur groups like ours.
How do I join?
Click here for the application! Just print and fill in the application and send it to The Historical Society with a check for annual dues. Welcome!